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What is Divorce i.T.?

Divorce i.T. is an online software that prepares your divorce documents for you.  It's the only divorce software of its kind in Canada. It's designed to complete all the necessary court forms for an Uncontested Divorce in Ontario. Divorce i.T. will lead you through each document step-by-step by prompting you with easy-to-answer questions consisting of yes/no, multiple choice or fill-in-the-blanks.  After completing your session, Divorce i.T. will auto-fill all your relevant forms related to your case - Divorce Application, Divorce Registration Form, Affidavit for Divorce, Divorce Order, Continuing Record cover sheet, Cumulative Table of Contents and Endorsement sheet. These forms are instantly available and you can edit or print at anytime.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  No Questions Asked. 


YouTube Tutorial Video

For ease of instructions, Divorce i.T. has created tutorial videos for each step.  Click the link below to view Step 1: Eligibility Room.  Tutorial videos for Step 2: Application Room and Step 3: Printing and Processing Room are available in their respective sections. 

Step 1: Eligibility Room http://youtu.be/Qmk3VYhJGFw 


What types of Divorce Applications does Divorce i.T. prepare?

Divorce i.T. prepares two kinds of Divorce Application (Uncontested):  

Simple Divorce – a request for a divorce made by one spouse (one spouse completes and signs the documents) claiming divorce only with no other claims on the Application (e.g. no claims for custody, access, support, etc); OR,  

Joint Divorce – a request for a divorce made by both spouses (both spouses must complete and sign the documents) claiming divorce together.


What is Uncontested Divorce?

An Uncontested Divorce is when both spouses agree to the divorce.  If one spouse disagrees than it's contested.


A Joint Divorce is started by both spouses together therefore it's always uncontested. Each spouse agrees to the divorce and each spouse signs the Divorce Application and Affidavit for Divorce.  You are not required to serve (give notice) a copy of the Joint Divorce Application on your spouse. 


A Simple Divorce however is started by one spouse only.  Only one spouse signs the Divorce Application and Affidavit for Divorce.  You are required to serve (give notice) a copy of your Divorce Application on your spouse.  NOTE: Divorce Applications must be served by a person other than the party (you).  


A Simple Divorce is intended to be uncontested but in some cases, the other spouse is NOT agreeable to the divorce or may want to make additional claims in the divorce proceeding. Remember, a Simple Divorce is a claim for divorce only (with no other claims such as support, custody, access, etc).  If your spouse serves you with an Answer (a court form completed by the Respondent, your spouse, with claims against the Applicant, you) within 30-days after being served with your Divorce Application, your Simple Divorce is no longer uncontested.   Note:  When starting a Divorce Application by way of Simple Divorce, ensure that your spouse is agreeable to the divorce and that all Family Law matters have been settled.  Ensure that your spouse does not serve you with an Answer.    


What are the requirements for a Simple or a Joint Divorce in Ontario?

To get a Simple or Joint Divorce (Uncontested) in Ontario, you must meet the requirements below.  

1.  Your only claim on your Divorce Application is divorce.

2.  One spouse must be a resident of Ontario continually for a minimum of one year.

3.  You must be separated from your spouse continually for a minimum of one year.

4.  You must address child support, if there are child(ren) of the marriage. 


What do I need to use your Site?

To use this site, you are required to have certain information and supporting documents.  Supporting documents are compulsory and must be filed in Court along with the divorce forms generated from this site.  

1.  You must have your spouse’s current address.

2.  You must have the exact date of separation. 

3.  You must have your original Marriage or Registration Certificate in English or French.  If it's not in English or French, you must have a written translation of the Certificate in English or French from a certified translator.

4.  You must have your original Divorce Order if you or your spouse were previously divorced.

5.  You must have a copy of your child support document (order, written or consent agreement, domestic contract – separation agreement or marriage contract) if there are child(ren) of the marriage.  Your spouse's income must be noted in your support document.


What divorce forms will Divorce i.T. provide me?

Included with your Simple or Joint Divorce Application, Divorce i.T. will complete three (four if Joint Divorce) additional forms.  These forms are mandatory and must be filed in Court in order to get a divorce.  These forms are:

►Divorce Registration - a form that advises Central Registry of Divorce Proceeding in Ottawa that you have started a divorce.  This Registry keeps records of all divorce proceedings.  If a divorce proceeding was commenced in another city/town with the same two spouses, the Registry will notify the Court that a duplicate divorce proceeding exist and a Clearance Certificate will not be issued.  NOTE:  Ensure that you or your spouse have not commenced a divorce proceeding in another city/town.  This will delay the process.  Consult a Family Law Lawyer.

►Affidavit for Divorce - a form that advises the Judge that you have addressed all the requirements for a Simple or Joint divorce pursuant to the Divorce Act and Family Law Rules and that you agree to the contents of the Affidavit for Divorce.

►Divorce Order - a form that confirms the granting of your divorce and that the divorce officially becomes effective 31-days from the date the Judge grants it.


Finally, to tie up all loose ends, Divorce i.T. has also prepared your Continuing Record.  A person who starts a Divorce Application must create this Record.  A Continuing Record is a red record that contains all the court documents you and your spouse files in Court. This Record remains in your file and stays in Court. When you issue/file your Divorce Application, this document will be inserted in this Record.  You will receive:  

►Continuing Record - a form/cover sheet with the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of all parties.  This sheet is titled "Continuing Record".  It must be printed or copied on red paper.  A sample can be viewed on the tutorial video, Step 3: Printing and Processing Room.

►Cumulative Table of Contents – a sheet that lists all court documents filed.  It lists the name of the document, the date it was signed and filed, the party who filed the document and the location of the document in the Continuing Record.  The Cumulative Table of Contents is updated every time a document is filed in Court.

►Endorsement Sheet – a sheet for the Judges to write their comments, directions or orders.


What is the Eligibility Room?

Because Divorce i.T. understands that completing your divorce forms can be overwhelming, it created three rooms to simplify this process.  These rooms are designed to ensure that you meet all the requirements and that you have answered all relevant questions related to your case. In order to meet these requirements, Divorce i.T. placed great care in creating the Eligibility Room.  This room cites important Acts and Rules as references to assist you with your claim for divorce.  This room also references certain documents required by the Courts as proof of your marriage, previous divorce (if applicable) and child support (if applicable).  Payment is not required until you have successfully qualified in the Eligibility Room. With a money back guarantee, start your process now!


What should I keep in mind?

COURT FEES:  You are responsible to pay the applicable filing fees to the Court.  The total court fees to obtain a divorce in Ontario is $447. The first payment of $167 is due when you issue/file your Divorce Application (get a court file number).  The second payment of $280 is due when you "set down" your divorce (file your Affidavit for Divorce and Divorce Order for the Judge to review).  Court fees may be paid by cash, cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance. 


Divorce i.T. is a word processing software (data entry) and is intended to auto-fill your divorce forms from information you provide. It is in no way designed to substitute as legal advice.    


The User is responsible for using this software/site correctly and is liable for any omissions or errors in information provided.


This site uses pop-ups.  Please disable your pop-up blocker.


Why is there no contact number on this Site?

Because we are not lawyers, providing legal advice is prohibited by Law Society of Upper Canada.  To ensure that we are in compliant and to protect your interest, all communication must be done by way of email in order to filter any legal queries.  Any legal queries should be posed to a Family Law Lawyer. 


What are the Steps to use Divorce i.T.?

STEP 1: Eligibility Room

Divorce i.T. will ask 10 easy questions in yes/no format.  Answers are evaluated and if eligible for a Simple or Joint Divorce Application, Divorce i.T. will prompt you to continue. Payment of $99.95 for Simple or $149.95 for Joint Divorce Application is required to enter Step 2.


IMPORTANT:  Questions in Step 1 are designed to ensure that you meet all the requirements for a Simple or a Joint Divorce Application and is intended to prevent you from entering Step 2 if these requirements are not met.  In addition, Step 1. is also designed to select specific forms and respective questions related to your answers. These forms and questions will generate in Step 2. Therefore, you will be unable to change your answers in Step 1 once you've registered. Changing your answers after registration may affect your eligibility.  Please read the questions carefully and ensure accuracy in Step 1.


STEP 2: Application Room

Divorce i.T. will ask  additional questions depending on your answers provided in Step 1. Simply answer the questions consisting of yes/no, multiple choice or fill-in-the-blanks.

STEP 3: Printing & Processing Room

Once all questions have been answered, click DOWNLOAD or EMAIL and ALL respective divorce court forms (Divorce Application, Affidavit for Divorce, Divorce Order, Divorce Registration, Continuing Record, Cumulative Table of Contents Sheet and Endorsement Sheet) are instantly available.  These forms are printed and taken to Court.  Remember: the Continuing Record cover sheet must be printed or copied on red paper.  Your local courthouse may provide you with these red cover sheets. 


You can edit or print anytime for a period of 90-days (3-months).  Time starts when an account is registered.  You will be notified 7-days prior to your account closing.  All information relating to your account will automatically purge from our database.  User has an option to delete their account at anytime.


What is your 30-day Money Back Guarantee?

We are so confident in our product that if for ANY reason you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money - no questions asked - guaranteed.  Simply email us at guarantee@divorceit.ca within 30-days from the date you registered your account with us and we will refund your money.  That simple!

Do You Provide Technical Support?

We place an emphasis on superior customer care.  We are here to help.  We want you to feel free to email us anytime with any questions regarding technical issues.  If there are any technical issues that you are experiencing on this site, please email us at tech@divorceit.ca.  We will respond within 24 hours.  Please note:  If you have not received a reply from us within 24 hours, please check your junk folder.