About Us


Divorce i.T. (information Technology) is an online effective "Do-it-Yourself" software that allows you to instantly complete all your divorce forms with ease.



As a Process Server, I lead an interesting career.  I serve (deliver to opposing parties) and file (submit in Court) various court documents and my clients are lawyers.  I am a Legal Assistant and I graduated from Sheridan College in 1994. 

Serving court documents is interesting and at times, dangerous.  I could tell you stories on how people strategically evade service but this story is the discovery of Divorce i.T.

I was constantly at court filing documents and I would see self-represented litigants struggle with their divorce forms. These litigants waited hours before being called to the wicket only to be told that their divorce forms were either incomplete or deficient of additional documents.  With their fustration and confusion, some of these litigants became verbally abusive towards their Court Clerks and as a result were later escorted out by Police.

I've handled thousands of Divorce Applications throughout my 22-years as a Process Server and Legal Assistant.  After a while, you see a pattern and start noticing common errors on how these forms were completed (or really, "incomplete").  That being said, I started thinking about how I could simplify these forms and highlight these common areas which were known to be done incorrectly.  

One year, I decided to do my taxes online with a renowned tax software.  I was told from a friend, it was easy. I had no accounting background and I was amazed how simple the process was to complete - easy questions and, my answers were inserted in its respective tax forms. With that in mind (EUREKA), I imagined Divorce i.T., a software that was similar in idea.  After years of research, programming and processing the "do's and don'ts" of Simple and Joint Divorce Applications, Divorce i.T. was created.  With you in mind, this software was developed in hopes to make your divorce preparation easier.  


Catherine Nacar, Creator