I got married three days after my 18th birthday.  He was 19.  Of course, it didn't last.  He went to Alberta "seeking opportunity" and we just kind of lost contact with each other.  Next thing I know, it's been nearly a decade and out of the blue I get a Facebook message saying he wants to remarry!  I could have gone the traditional route but I figured I'd give DivorceIT a try and see if I could save myself some money - it's not like we're fighting over anything.  No problem!  Okay, I made a little oopsy and had to contact customer service but before I knew it, I was back on track!  My application was accepted without question at my local courthouse.  All we have to do is wait for approval from Ottawa and done deal!  Best experience ever!  - A. S.

May 2016


We just wanted to tell you how impressed we are with your website! For reasons, we had to divorce.  We called a law office and quickly discovered that our budget didn't cover even basic legal services.  The courthouse has a help centre but neither of us can take any time off work during the day.  DivorceIT let us fill out a professional-looking set of documents right at home and all we had to do was call in a Process Server to deal with the courthouse.  Cost-effective and convenient!  - L. B. and J. B.

August 2016


i did the questions and took the papers to the court.  The lady there wouldn’t take them. Said they were wrong.  I contactd Divorce it and got my money back with no problem .  Figgered give it another try and this time is all good. - T. I.

August 2016